Neural Coding Laboratory

Our aim is to understand how networks of neurons represent the state of the environment through their collective electrical activity ('neural coding') and how neurons in the sensory pathway process information to solve perceptual tasks. We do both neurophysiological experiments, using multi-microelectrode arrays to record the activity of neural populations, and computational modelling. The core work of the group uses the whiskers as a model system and is funded by both BBSRC and MRC. We also have BBSRC-funded and ERC-funded collaborations with Manchester colleagues on neural coding in the visual and olfactory modalities.

Funded PhDs

Neural basis of active, sensory-guided discrimination behaviour

Parallel processing by neurons in the thalamocortical pathway

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Recent publication

What the rat’s whiskers tell the rat’s brain

Campagner D., Evans M., Bale M.R., Erskine A., Petersen R.S. (in press) Prediction of primary somatosensory neuron activity during active tactile exploration Elife

Funded postdoc

We will shortly have openings in the lab for projects funded by the BBSRC and MRC. Watch this space.